Flach and Le-Roy Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer of top quality drive-on crop drying and storage systems.

Gough Agritech has represented Flach and Le-Roy in NZ for over 13 years and has supplied drive-on crop-drying solutions in various parts of NZ, with systems ranging in size from one small bay of a pre-existing shed through to completely new buildings with the ability to hold several hundred tonnes of grain.

Drive-on ventilated timber floors are designed to a high specification using top-grade hardwood and softwood boards, manufactured in short lengths for ease of maintenance. Floors are sized to fit the building, a multi-stage modulating Octagon gas burner, Typhoon fan(s) and ducting are then matched in so that the whole system works efficiently and effectively to achieve the desired result.

In addition to complete on-floor systems, we can supply Typhoon fans, and Octagon modulating gas burners which have a fully automatic electronic controller.

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