Twister – is a Canadian company who specialise in Grain storage and aeration products. Based in Alberta, Twister manufactures a range of grain silos in both flat bottom and hopper bottom configurations and complementary aeration equipment including fans. Twister is also a worldwide exporter.

126 hopper 340 web1-1Twister hopper bottom silos come in a range of sizes from 54T to 258T in diameters of 14’, 19’ and 22’, and are a complete bolt-together kitset making them easy and cost-effective to transport. No pilot vehicles required!

Twister hopper silos are built with safety in mind with the extra protection of a safety cage around the external ladder. Along with features such as a 40 degree cone, stiffeners for extra strength, remote-opening lid, manholes in both roof and hopper cone and a slide-gate for easy cleanout, Twister hopper silos are hard to beat.

Aeration options and fans are available to suit the hopper silos. Twister also has a range of flat bottom silos from 15’ to 105’ diameter.

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