Cestari is an Argentinian manufacturer of self-unloading grain carts (chaser bins).

C-24700-2RThe idea behind a graincart is to reduce compaction in the field and make the harvesting process more efficient by keeping the combine constantly on the move. The graincart, with its wide/flotation tyres, takes a load from the combine(s) and takes it to the edge of the field to the waiting trucks, keeping the trucks off the field and ensuring the combine is harvesting rather than driving to the trucks when the grain tank is full. Although suitable to be used when paddocks are dry, a grain cart really comes into its own when getting the crop off is a race against time if paddocks are wet and you need to keep compaction to a minimum.

Unlike many brands built in North America, Cestari carts are spec’d to European standards and come in sizes from 8T on a single axle to 28T on twin axles, and have optional extensions and various forms of spout available to enable drill/air seeder-filling, an alternative use for the graincart.  Cestari’s standard colour is red however customers have a choice of livery with all the common brands available on indent orders. eg. JD green, NH yellow, Claas colours, etc.

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